Why are Teeth Sensitive

Know the common causes – Why are teeth sensitive? 

Have you experienced extreme transient pain while having ice cream or drinking tea or coffee? Teeth sensitivity is a common dental problem faced by many individuals. It is a sharp, transient shooting pain that occurs mainly when eating anything cold or hot. There are multiple reasons for teeth sensitivity, and it is imperative to know the exact cause of the issue to make the correct treatment plan. If you are also wondering why are teeth sensitive? Then, read the information provided below as we briefly discuss the common causes of teeth sensitivity- brought to you by World Smiles Dental Center Mumbai.

Why are teeth sensitive? 

Before understanding why teeth sensitivity occurs, let us know how our teeth are made. Our teeth comprise three layers, and the enamel is the hardest. The enamel covers the second layer, called dentin, and the innermost layer, called the pulp. When the enamel is damaged, the dentin is exposed, leading to teeth sensitivity or, technically, dentin hypersensitivity. There are various reasons for enamel damage like the ones discussed below. It is important to understand the root cause of the problem before planning the treatment plan. 

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or clenching your teeth is a parafunctional habit that causes wear and tear of the enamel. Nightguard therapy is an effective solution for such habits. They are clear transparent plates worn over teeth to prevent contact with each other. 

Aggressive toothbrushing

Brushing your teeth regularly is recommended to maintain optimum oral hygiene levels. Many of us think aggressive brushing will clean our teeth better. However, the fact of the matter is just the opposite: aggressive brushing will do more harm than good. Therefore, it is essential to learn the correct brushing technique. Horizontal scrubbing erodes the enamel and is, therefore, not recommended. Enamel abrasion leads to tooth sensitivity and is usually treated with tooth-colored composite restorations.


Consuming excessive amounts of acidic food is also a contributor to enamel damage. Too much acidic content leads to enamel erosion. The best way to prevent such damage is by thoroughly rinsing your mouth with water after consuming such food items.  

Gums recession

Root exposure is another major cause of teeth sensitivity apart from enamel damage. Receding gums lead to root exposure and require prompt action. The root portion is not covered with enamel and is more prone to sensitivity. It is important to clinically examine your case and identify the cause of gum recession to customize your treatment plan. 

Excessive teeth whitening

Over-the-counter products like teeth whitening gels and toothpaste are readily available nowadays. These products are marketed as quick, easy DIY hacks that enhance your smile. However, nobody tells you about the damage these products can do to your teeth. It is best to opt for professional teeth whitening as it is safer and more effective. The concentration of whitening agents in these gels is not regulated and can lead to teeth sensitivity when used repeatedly for better results. 

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