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Teeth Cleaning or Scaling

Teeth Cleaning or Scaling

Whatever food items we intake ends up sticking to the surface of the teeth. There are small irregularities present on the tooth surfaces that enable the food to stick on the tooth. If this continues for a longer period of time, these deposits or plaque gets converted into tartar.

Fig:1 Deposits on tooth surfaces

Tartar is composed of mineralised plaque. Or in other terms, we know tartar as calculus. And because there is food deposition and there is a moist environment because of saliva, there is bacterial deposition also.

This bacterial and viral deposition may lead to further irritation in the gums and your gums start to regress down that is called as recession.

Initially, there will be bleeding from the gums and this, when not treated, goes to an advanced stage which is known as gingivitis and that further proliferates into your gums, leading to Periodontitis.

This all needs to be taken care of well in time. We at World Smiles Dental Center recommend our patients to visit us every 4-5 months to get a professional cleaning done.

Sometimes, there is very little plaque and tartar but a lot of stains are present. These stains may appear from food colouring agents, smoking and even because of the use of beverages.

We advise all our patients to cut down the consumption of beverages that end up leaving stains on your tooth surfaces, like cold drinks, excess tea, coffee etc.

Almost all the food and beverages that contain colouring agents tend to leave stains on your tooth surface.

Fig:2a Before Teeth Cleaning
Fig:2b After Teeth Cleaning


The solution?

  • Maintenance of good oral health and cleaning is the first and foremost priority.
  • Apart from this, you must visit us every 4-5 months for professional teeth cleaning session.
  • Furthermore, we will teach you how to use toothbrush and mouthwash so as to reduce the occurrence of tartar and stain deposit on the tooth surfaces.
  • We also help our patients to quit any deleterious habits they have such as smoking or drinking way too many drinks that have artificial colours in them.


Problems that may occur if teeth cleaning is not done on time?

  • There will be an accumulation of bacteria and virus in the gums which may make them red.
  • Sometimes people visit us with a complaint of bleeding from gums while brushing.
  • Apart from this, in progressive cases, there can be severe bleeding and release of pus from gums. And there are some cases where we end up requiring surgeries to be done.


Misconception related to tooth cleaning and scaling

People come to us with a most common misconception – Loosening of the tooth

No, initially you may feel that your tooth became loose but only in cases where your gums have gone down a bit. This is reversible and can be easily reversed after multiple cleaning sessions.


Damage to the tooth

No, Scaling or Teeth Cleaning doesn’t erode or damage your tooth surfaces. We use state of the art equipment at the World Smiles Dental Center.