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Smile Designing

A happy and stunning smile does wonders to your face and overall appearance. If you always wanted the perfect camera or Hollywood smile, it can now become a reality. 

With the advancement in digital dentistry, you walk in the clinic with your original smile and walk out with a perfect smile with a renewed sense of confidence and looks.

With the expertise of over 10 years, we customize your smile to your face shape, hair colour, complexion and personality. This enhances the overall appearance that is in harmony with your smile and face. 

Smile designing involves a combination of treatment, from teeth veneers to gum recontouring, Caps and bridges and teeth whitening.

Smile Designing Treatment is for?

If you want a perfect dazzle in your teeth and a sparkling white smile, then smile makeover is for you.

Just like we get dressed up on certain special occasions like engagements and weddings, why not wear a beautiful smile each day every day.

Furthermore, if you think you’ve discoloured, chipped teeth or a gummy smile with gaps, Smile Designing is the perfect solution for you.

Remember – “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.”


Smile makeover or smile designing is advised when:

  1. You have crooked teeth
  2. Gaps in your teeth
  3. Gummy smile
  4. Broken or worn out teeth
  5. Severely discoloured teeth
  6. You want to make cosmetic and colour changes to stained teeth
  7. As a substitute to braces in certain situations


Pre – Treatment preparation


At World Smiles dental centre, our dentists are true designers of a gorgeous smile customizing it to your face. You will have a unique experience right from the start. 

First, a detailed consultation is done with you to understand your needs & expectations and the value of your smile.

The treatment plan is explained after analysing your teeth, gums, jaws and face.

We use a Digital Smile Designing Software that’ll help us decide the type and shape of veneers. (FIG: 1)

Fig 1 – Digital simulation of new teeth shape and size.

At first, Digital models, photographs and X rays are made. Then using the software and data, realistic mock-up images are created and evaluated as to how you’re final smile and teeth would look. These images are shown to you for approval and inputs. 

Thus In this way, you get to be part of your smile design process, and changes can be made into the digital Smile design images even before the Smile makeover or veneer process is actually started. 

With the help of modern technology and innovation in Dentistry, World Smiles Dental Center is able to deliver sparkling smiles

A smile makeover can be done by using any or all of the following:

  1. Porcelain veneers
  2. Composite veneers
  3. Ceramic cap or bridges
  4. Teeth whitening


Porcelain Veneers

They are a ceramic shell that covers only the outer part of the tooth and are super thin. (FIG: 2)

Fig 2a – Outer shell

Fig 2b – Ceramic Veneers

They have excellent aesthetics and look just like your natural teeth.

They are made up of E.Max and 3M which are the world leaders in ceramic veneers.


Composite veneers

They are made from tooth coloured filling material. They are indicated when the changes required are minimal. Composite veneers cost much less as compared to porcelain veneers, but their life is also less. 


How is the Procedure Done?

After approval of the digital and model mock-up from the patient. The changes are transferred to your mouth. This is done by preparing and shaping the teeth as per the models and digital designs. (FIG : 3)

Fig 3: Prepared/ Shaped teeth to receive Veneers and caps
  1. All the changes are usually done under local anaesthesia, so there is no discomfort.
  2. After the preparations, immediate new temporary teeth are given to you as per the final smile approved.
  3. The new temporary teeth are for you to see and any changes in shape, size and colour can be done at this stage as per your requirements. 
  4. Once you approve of your new smile in the temporaries, measurements are made for the fabrication of permanent veneer teeth in the laboratory. 
  5. The fabrication of the permanent teeth requires about 5-7 days. Until then, you always have temporary teeth in your mouth.


So in this way you walk out of the clinic with a single day new smile.


Once the permanent teeth are fabricated, you will return to us to have them tried in your mouth. Even at this stage, certain changes in colour, shape or texture and size can be made (Since this the trial appointment). 

Once the final caps meet all your expectations, they are sent back to the lab for a final polish and are permanently cemented in your mouth at the next visit.


Technology used

The veneers are manufactured from materials of the best quality using CAD-CAM (Computer) technology.

Example: 3M Lava, IPS E. Max

Post Veneer treatment care

How to take care of your Porcelain Veneers?

  1. Practice good oral home care.
  2. ​Brush and floss your veneered teeth daily.
  3. Avoid biting on very hard food or biting on hairpins, bottles, and ice because it can break or dislodge the veneer.
  4. Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth.
  5. Wear a protective night guard.​

Smile Designing Cases done at World Smiles Dental Center

Smile Designing Cases done at World Smiles Dental Center

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