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Beautiful Cases Done at World Smiles Dental Center by Dr Rohan Bandi and Team

Multiple Missing Teeth Replacement using Dental Implants

Teeth Whitening Case done at World Smiles Dental Center – Perfect Smile

Orthodontic Tooth Correction Case Done at World Smiles Dental Center

Tooth Brightening Treatment done by Dr Rohan Bandi – Brightest Smile

Gap Removal with Tooth Colored Filling

Gap Filling and Smile Correction Case

Chipped Tooth Correction

Tooth Colored Filling Case

Tooth Colored Filling Case – World Smiles

Tooth Colored Filling Case – Dr Rohan Bandi

Chipped Tooth Case – World Smiles

Chipped Tooth Filling – Dr Rohan Bandi

Bridge and Crown Work – World Smiles

Smile Makeover Case – World Smiles

Smile Correction and Makeover – Dr Rohan Bandi

A Beautiful Smile Designing Case – World Smiles

Smile Makeover – Dr Rohan Bandi

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