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Invisible Braces/Orthodontic Treatment

Invisible Braces/Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of mal-aligned teeth. An Orthodontist is a doctor who helps straighten your teeth which are not in line and harmony to a correct place and from using braces or aligners. 


What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Brackets are attached to your teeth surface.  In these brackets, metal or ceramic wire is inserted, which applies pressure on the teeth and moves them to the right and desired position in the mouth.

Nowadays with the advancement in dentistry, these movements can also be carried out without using braces. It is done with the help of clear aligners.


When And why you may need orthodontic treatment? 

Your bite is how your upper and lower teeth relate. When your upper and lower teeth do not fit properly it is known as malocclusion or a bad bite. 

Problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps or missing teeth, protruding teeth and bite problems may all require orthodontic treatment. 

What are the types of braces available?

There are two basic types of braces – metal and ceramic. each one has two further types – conventional and self-ligating. (FIG 1)

Fig 1a : Metal conventional braces

Fig 1b: Ceramic braces

Self-ligating braces are much smaller, easier to clean and more effective as compared to conventional braces.

Ceramic braces are tooth coloured and are hardly visible in the mouth.  they are very aesthetic and are the preferred choice of most patients. 


Invisible braces 

Ceramic braces are also partially invisible but lingual braces are considered to be completely invisible. 

Lingual orthodontics is a new era in the field of orthodontics.  These braces are put on the inner side of your teeth,  which is the side towards the tongue. So these braces are not seen during talking and smiling. There is only one flip side to it that there is little difficulty in speech initially. (FIG 2)

Fig 2: Lingual Braces

Clear aligners are truly invisible braces.


What are Clear Aligners and Invisalign?

Aligners are extremely thin transparent vinyl trays each for the upper and lower jaw.  There are different sets of Trays given to you to be changed every fortnight. These different trays slowly bring the teeth into their desired position. (FIG 3)

Fig 3: Clear Aligners

Aligners are the latest in dental technology and the best option if you are really concerned and worried about your looks. However, aligners may not be possible for every patient.

Consult our experts at World Smiles, dental center to know the best braces ad aligners option available for you.


How long does Orthodontic treatment last?

Orthodontic treatment is a slow process. Depending upon the age and the amount of correction required the treatment can last from 8 months to 18 months on average. Treatment in younger patients is completed faster than in older patients. During the treatment period, it is mandatory for you to see your dentist at least once in 6 months.


What is the right age for braces treatment?

Age is just a number, you can have and should have a perfect set of teeth at any age. Some people ask, is it too late now to get teeth aligned? We say it’s never too late, The day you realize that you need to get teeth aligned is the 1st day. Nothing matters before that.

However, it’s always better to get braces done in teenagers as you are still growing and results can be achieved faster. 

So if you wish to have the perfect smile you can consult us for the best braces treatment in Mumbai.

We have a team of world-class Orthodontists and Smile analysts who make sure you get just what you desire.



Once you have decided what type of braces you want to go for; 

  1. Measurements are made of your upper and lower teeth. 
  2. These models are used to study and analyze the treatment protocol and to compare the results after the treatment.
  3. Certain X rays Like OPG and Lateral Ceph are advised. After a thorough evaluation of all parameters, the treatment is started.
  4. If braces are decided the orthodontist bonds the brackets in place on your teeth and places wires and bands to move the teeth. 
  5. The wires and bands are changed at monthly visits.
  6. If you have decided to go for aligners then your digital scans are made with a laser intra-oral scanner, and customized clear aligner plates are made for you in the lab.
  7. These plates are given to you to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. They are to be removed only for eating and cleaning your teeth.


Caring for your teeth with braces?

  1. Once the treatment begins there are certain simple instructions that need to be followed. These will be explained to you by the orthodontist or your dentist.
  2. Daily brushing 3-4 times a day with correct techniques as shown in the video illustrations.
  3. Using an interdental brush was ever advised.
  4. Using fluoride and antibacterial mouth wash 2 times a day until the treatment is over.
  5. Using water flosser to clean hard to reach areas.
  6. No eating of hard and sticky food until braces are there.
  7. Make food into small pieces before eating. It makes it easier to chew.
  8. Chips, Chocolates, and similar items should be avoided.
  9. Rinse your mouth with water after every meal.
  10. If any part or piece of braces breaks or comes out, immediately report to us.

Before and After – Orthodontic Treatment Dont at World Smiles Dental Center

Before and After – Orthodontic Treatment Dont at World Smiles Dental Center