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Root Canal Treatment and Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Introduction to Root Canal Treatment and Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning the tooth nerves. When the nerves of the teeth become infected for inflamed due to decay/cavity or any other reason root canal treatment it is advised. 

It is a routine and one of the most commonly carried out procedures in dental practice.

We will discuss here everything you wanted to know about root canal treatment.

There are many doubts and misconceptions which  will be cleared to after reading the article.

Details about Root Canal Treatment?

The main reason why you landed up with root canal treatment is neglect and poor oral health.

There are many other reasons too we will describe here the most common ones.



It all begins with a small black dot on your tooth which is called as tooth decay.   Once the decay starts it slowly becomes larger in size eating up your tooth from within and making it hollow.

  1. Decay is nothing but a collection of bacteria along with food particles and your saliva.
  2. Once the decay starts it never stops or reverts back by itself. 
  3. It slowly becomes larger and progresses towards the inside of the tooth where the nerves are present. 
  4. When it reaches the nerves, the nerves become infected and you start getting pain.
  5. Initially, the pain is in the form of sensitivity. The sensitivity might be present on drinking something cold or hot, or while chewing food.
  6. At this stage, it might still be reversible, however, once you start to get longer and severe pain you have landed up in a definite root canal treatment.

What leads to Decay or cavity formation?

It’s mainly due to your poor brushing habits.

Improper oral hygiene coupled with frequent intake of sweet or sticky foods results in food accumulation in certain places. bacteria love such places and slowly start to harbour there and make it there whereabout.

Before this cavity reaches the nerve it can be treated by doing a simple dental filling.

A dental filling is a much cheaper and less time-consuming treatment.

In contrast, root canal treatment is more complex, takes more number of sittings and is more expensive

Root canal treatment procedure


Why is it done?

When the bacteria have reached the nerves inside and have cause infection and inflammation resulting in pain the only way To remove the infection and inflammation is by cleaning the nerves inside the tooth.

This process of cleaning and then filling  the empty space with a compact material is known as root canal treatment

How is it done?

An approach hole is made add in the tooth 8 to access the nerves inside. Along with the nerves, blood vessels are also present inside.  this portion of the tooth is known as the pulp chamber.


  1. These nerves continued down to the root of the tooth and exit at the tip of the root. These nerves and blood vessels travel through Canal in the root. Hence the name of the procedure root canal treatment.
  2. Certain instruments known as Rotary files are inserted inside the canal. along with it, antibacterial Medicaments are also inserted. This process helps in cleaning the canals of the bacteria. 
  3. Once the cleaning is complete the empty Canal are packed and filled with an appropriate material.
  4. Depending on the severity of infection your doctor takes a call on whether to pack the canals in the same sitting or the next.
  5. After this, the access and approach whole which was prepared is packed and closed with a filling material. 


At World Smiles Dental Centre,  we use the latest equipment and technology to do your root canal treatment namely –


  1. Rotary Endo motor
  2. Electronic Apex locator
  3. 3D obturation

What are the options do I have if not Root canal treatment?

If The treatment is not done it can lead to severe pain and eventually pus formation.


  • The pus can spread to your surrounding structures and if left an attended for a long time can lead to new cyst formation.
  • The tooth may also Fracture or breakdown further eventually requiring removal (Extraction). 
  • So if you wish to save your natural teeth the only option is to get a root canal treatment done. 
  • At World Smile Dental Centre root canal treatment it is done by a root canal specialist (endodontist) – Dr Achyut Pandav.
  • This ensures you get the best quality treatment with the least possible discomfort.


How much time does a root canal treatment take?

Usually, root canal treatment requires 1-2  sittings. Each setting may last about 45 minutes.  The number of sittings depends on the severity of the infection.

Is root canal treatment painful?

All root canal treatment procedure is performed under local anaesthesia,  so the entire process is painless. Also before using anaesthesia, we use topical (surface) anaesthesia which makes the prick also almost painless.


Capping after root canal treatment.

Root canal treated tooth becomes weak and hollow from inside, so to prevent it from fracture it requires a cap.

If the cap is not placed the tooth may fracture under biting pressure as it has become brittle. Once broken the only option possible will be to remove the root canal treated tooth. So its a complete waste of your time and money. 

How much does a root canal treatment cost?

Depending on the tooth and severity of infection it can range from 3500 to 7000 rupees.


Success Rate of Root canal treatment

When done properly by a specialist the 15-year success rate is close to 95%.


Post Root canal treatment Complications/Pain

Generally, after root canal treatment, there is not much pain only little discomfort for a couple of days. the root canal treated tooth may also be likely in the on touch and while chewing food. so it is best to avoid chewing from that type at least for a week.

The complications which can occur after root canal treatment are sometimes severe pain swelling and or flare-up.  it may also lead to redness in the gums for a few days.



To keep the pain and swelling under control we also prescribe antibiotics and painkillers. 



Failures can occur during root canal treatment even in the best of hands.  there can be many reasons why root canal treatment sometimes doesn’t succeed in spite of our best efforts.

It may be due to:

  1. The excessive spread of infection due to delayed treatment.
  2. Fracture of the tooth
  3. Gum infection combined with bone loss and tooth mobility
  4. Systemic factors


Re-Root canal treatment

Sometimes a previously treated tooth may require a Re root canal treatment if it was not done properly earlier or there is re-infection or pain.

Retreatment is a super-specialized job that requires utmost care and precision from the Endodontist’s end. It involves the removal of old root canal filling material that has degraded, which later has to be replaced by the new filling material. Retreatment can result in saving a tooth that would need an extraction


Post Root canal  treatment care

After the permanent cap is put you can eat it all regular food.  there are no food restrictions as such, the only thing you should avoid is biting on to something extremely hard or sticky from that region.  

In rare circumstances the cap may come out,  you don’t need to worry just keep the cab safely and give us a call the very same day to inform us and we will put it back for you with new permanent cement.

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