How Invisalign Braces Work

How Invisalign braces work: All You Need to Know

Traditional braces were the only type of treatment for misaligned teeth in earlier times. With the advancement of technology, we have clear braces or Invisalign as the latest form of treatment. Invisalign can be used to treat any kind of misalignment just like traditional braces. However it is important to get your complete dental evaluation done before planning clear aligners. Our team of experts at World Smiles Dental Center Mumbai will help you with the whole process. If you are wondering how invisalign braces work then read the information provided below as we briefly discuss the process- brought to you by World Smiles Dental Center Mumbai

What is Invisalign treatment? 

Invisalign treatment involves using clear transparent plastic trays that snugly fit on teeth to move them into a more desired position. Invisalign offers a more comfortable and aesthetic alternative to the misaligned teeth correction. 

Benefits of Invisalign treatment 

  • Less irritating to the gums and cheeks
  • More aesthetic
  • More comfortable for the user to wear
  • Easy to remove 
  • Allows proper cleaning of teeth
  • Easy to clean and maintain the trays
  • No diet restrictions on your favorite food items

How Invisalign braces work

The basic concept behind the Invisalign treatment is to exert a constant force on the teeth. When pressure is exerted on the teeth, bone remodelling process begins at the molecular level that helps in movement of the teeth. After the movement is complete, dental retainers are advised to maintain the teeth in their new position as they have the tendency to move back. 

Experiencing mild discomfort and tightness in the initial few days of treatment or when you switch plates is normal and expected. 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene during treatment is essential, and we at World Smiles Dental Center Mumbai have our team readily available to guide you better at each step.

How long do you have to wear Invisalign? 

  • The total duration of wearing Invisalign varies from case to case and depends on the severity of the misalignment. It is advised to wear plates for most of the day and remove them while eating and drinking anything except water.
  • The plates are provided in sequence, and you must move sequentially with each set.
  • Never try to skip the sequence, and make sure you switch in the correct order.

The correct way to wear Invisalign – How Invisalign braces work

  • The aligners come in pairs; make sure you wear both of them as advised by our team
  • Gently insert them by pushing them in the mouth softly
  • Do not be harsh with your plates of Invisalign  
  • When the plates are inserted properly, you will hear a clicking sound
  • Always store the plates in the case provided for better safety and storage.

What to expect during treatment

  • The first few days can be slightly uncomfortable after beginning the Invisalign therapy.
  • It may take a few days to get accustomed to the plates initially
  • A slight feeling of tightness around the teeth is normal
  • Lisping and difficulty speaking certain words 
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