Is RCT safe for child

Kids RCT – Is RCT safe for child

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure for adults, but many parents have concerns regarding safety when it comes to RCT for kids. There are many myths that question the safety of kids’ RCTs. In the information provided below, we will break those myths and explain Is RCT safe for child – brought to you by the World Smiles Dental Center.

RCT safety – Is RCT safe for child

Many of you must have this burning question in your mind – Is RCT safe for child? Let us answer this query by explaining the factors that prove kids RCT is entirely safe and essential for your child. 


The root canal treatment is carried out under local anesthesia, ensuring that the whole process is painless for the child. We at World Smiles Dental Center use both topical and injectable forms of anesthesia to ensure that the child doesn’t even get to know the prick of the needle while injecting the anesthesia. 

Kid’s specialists

Our team of kid specialists is trained in dealing with all kinds of dental problems with your child. Moreover, they are proficient in handling all kinds of child behavior using various techniques. Our doctors are empathetic and patient with your child, ensuring they are comfortable throughout the process. 

Long term benefits

The kid’s root canal treatment is a safe procedure to save and restore milk teeth. The procedure has many long-term benefits that make it a vital process for the overall dental health of your child. If not done timely, the infection may spread from the tooth and can lead to further complications. The early loss of milk teeth can be detrimental to the alignment of the permanent successors. 

Myths regarding the safety of kid’s RCT

Myth #1 – It is a painful process

The most common notion is that the process is painful and uncomfortable. The fact is that, like any other dental procedure, it is also a safe and entirely painless process. The root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia, ensuring that your child is comfortable throughout. RCT is done to relieve the pain caused by the involvement of nerves and blood vessels in the teeth.

Myth #2 – It weakens the tooth

Another common misconception is that RCT weakens the tooth and makes it more susceptible to damage. However, the fact is that it removes the infected nerves and vessels from the involved tooth and saves it from further complications. If left untreated, the infection may spread from the teeth into the surrounding areas and also lead to tooth loss. 

Myth #3 – It is risky for the child

Some people also believe that it is risky for the child’s overall health to undergo root canal treatment and that it is not a necessary procedure. The root canal treatment is a dental procedure that eliminates the risk of spread of infection by removing the source of infection and thoroughly cleaning the teeth. Coming to the importance of saving the milk tooth, a root canal is an important process that helps maintain the milk teeth till their natural time of shedding. The common notion that milk teeth are unnecessary and RCT is risky is false. The milk teeth are important for guiding the eruption of permanent teeth, and RCT is essential to save the milk teeth. 

Myth #4 – It can affect the child’s development

Another common misconception is that RCT is not safe as it affects the child’s development. It is completely false as the RCT will not hamper the growth of your child, and in fact, milk teeth will guide the permanent teeth in their correct desired position. If not done timely, the milk teeth may shed off prematurely, leading to misaligned permanent teeth.

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