Design your smile digitally - Digital Smile Designing in Parel

Design your smile digitally – Digital Smile Designing in Parel

What is Digital Smile Designing?

Digital Smile Designing in Parel is the latest digital dentistry tool that helps dentists digitally redesign a person’s smile. It is a simple yet highly effective tool considering the relationship between teeth, gums, and other soft tissues. It helps design the smile makeover plan after analyzing the patient’s facial and dental anatomy using digital technology.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the benefits and how the process works- brought to you by World Smiles Dental Center – Dental Clinic in Parel

How does Digital Smile Designing in Parel work?

We at World Smiles Dental Center have a team of digital smile designers that offer you the best smile makeovers. Digital Smile Designing in Parel begins with the digital photographs we take in high resolution to analyze your facial profile and dental anatomy.

Our cosmetic dentists at World Smiles Dental Center will comprehensively examine them to plan your treatment accordingly. Your treating cosmetic dentist will draw reference lines on your digital scans and photographs to help you better understand the process.

These sketches or references help you visualize the treatment plan beforehand. Visualizing the outcome in digital smile design is a smile test drive. The main advantage of this tool is that you can preview your new smile and be actively involved in the smile design process with our team. 

Advantages of Digital Smile Designing in Parel

  • Completely painless procedure
  • The latest way of smile designing
  • It helps you visualize the outcome
  • Allows you to be actively involved
  • It helps the dentist to communicate more precisely with the lab
  • Accurate way of planning changes 
  • It also acts as an educational tool to help you better understand the process
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Ensures good quality results
  • Excellent choice if you have any specific requirements that you would like to visualize before proceeding with the treatment
  • Very quick and easy 

Process of Digital Smile Designing in Parel

Take Digital Images

We use various equipment to take digital images of your teeth and gums, including intra-oral scanners and cameras. These digital images help in a better analysis of your current dental status.


We discuss the changes you would like to make with your smile and any appropriate treatment options you could consider. It is an important step where you can discuss and clear your queries.

Smile Design

We can digitally change each tooth’s position, shape, and dimensions to create your desired smile. Using our digital shade selector to choose your desired tooth color, our experienced dentists will design a beautiful smile.  

Smile test drive

We can show you yours before and after comparing various treatments immediately on-screen. This step helps you compare the difference.

Actual treatment phase

Your treating dentist will design your customized treatment plan to your specifications based on the digital smile design. Depending on your needs, your treatment plan may involve a combination of teeth whitening, dental veneers, orthodontic braces, and bonding. Our team will discuss the time duration and the cost of treatment before proceeding further.


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