Discover the magic of Digital Dental Scan at Parel

Discover the magic of Digital Dental Scan at Parel

Digital dentistry has evolved in the past few years. Technological advancement has made recording and replicating your current dental status easier. Traditionally the dentist used to take impressions of your mouth and replicate them into study models for treatment planning. These study models were used for various purposes, like prosthesis fabrication – Digital Dental Scan at Parel

The latest development in the digital dental world is the intraoral scanner. It is a device to capture digital impressions of your mouth and presents them on a screen. Now, what makes them better than the traditional methods? In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss what precisely digital scanning is and how it is better than traditional ways- brought to you by World Smiles Dental Center Parel.

What is digital scanning? – Digital Dental Scan at Parel

Digital dental scanning allows our World Smiles Dental Center Parel team to map their patients’ mouths. A digital scanner is a wand-like device attached to the computer screen. The scanner software helps to process the digital scan on the computer screen. The process is simple: we insert the wand into your mouth and move gently across the areas to be scanned. It is a quick, easy, and effective way to replicate the current dental status digitally. As we move the scanner, the image gets recorded as a digital impression on the screen.

Traditional Methods vs. Digital Dental Scan at Parel

Reduced errors

Traditional methods involve creating records using impressions. There are chances of introducing errors due to defects in the material, improper setting conditions for the dental material, changes in the records due to temperature, or any human errors. Intraoral scanning reduces all these errors significantly. 

Number of visits

With the introduction of digital impressions, you do not need to return for secondary or repeat impressions. If there is any scope for improvement, we can fix it in a single visit there and then quickly. The number of visits is reduced to one, and the digital scan can quickly be shared with the lab to fabricate the prosthesis. This allows for the delivery of the prosthesis in the second sitting itself.


Some people have a strong gag reflex, and in some cases, like elderly people, it becomes difficult to record the impressions due to poor neuromuscular coordination. Digital Dental Scan at Parel becomes quite effective in combating such situations with ease and producing precise results.


The accuracy of digital dental scanning is unmatched as we can magnify the captured image and precisely look at the area being recorded. This evaluation allows us to record precise digital impressions that eventually affect the fit of the prosthesis planned.


Unlike traditional methods, you do not have to wait for the setting of the impressions. The digital scan of your mouth hardly takes 5 mins and is super easy to perform.


No harmful traditions are emitted, and the Digital Dental Scan at Parel is entirely safe. The process is painless, and no anesthesia is needed to perform the diagnostic scans.

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